The Jiles Band is a Canadian alt/rock band from the Ottawa/Gatineau region. The current line up consists of Kenny Cooper on Drums, Norm Guay on Bass, Danny George on Lead Guitar and Roland Venne on Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals.The Jiles Band originated with Singer/Songwriter Roland Venne. During the spring of 2007 Rolly started to write songs which would make up the first Jiles Band’s album called Chasing Demons. Unsuccessful in his quest to find band mates Rolly decided to record his first album with Todd Huckabone. Todd and excellent Musician, Producer and Engineer has worked with and learned from his good friend Joe Hardy (ZZTop , Steve Earle &Tom Cochrane to name a few of Joe’s credits). With the help of Todd and freelance drummer Matt Babineau (Well know in Ottawa area as the drummer for Comfortably Numb) they recorded and produced JB’s first album. The song “Some Days” got extensive airplay on England’s Radio2xs and was on their daily playlist for over 10 weeks. Following up the first cd release came Downtown which was released in December of 2009. While working the open mic circuit as a solo act and the occasional opening act for some local bands Rolly would go on to write and record a third album called “The Year of the Tiger”. This album involved Grammy award winner Richard Dodd. Following the release of this third album Rolly met up with Ken Cooper. Ken’s passion for drumming has been instilled in him since his youth. By creating beats to match bass grooves, vocal lines, and solo licks, Ken fuels the group’s energy at every performance. Ken and Rolly would eventually hook up with Danny George. Danny is the lead guitarist for the band and his improvising skills are second to none. Eventually the last piece of the puzzle would be introduced to the band. Norm would join the band to fill in the bottom end with catchy grooves. The band practice’s twice a week and is constantly adding tunes to it’s repertoire.